Leer más: BRIGADAS DE SALUD VISUAL La salud visual del trabajador debería evaluarse obligatoriamente antes de ingresar a un cargo laboral, así como durante y después de éste, pues es la única forma para establecer preventivamente si un trabajador se mantiene sano.

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Somos una empresa fundada por optómetras y oftalmólogos en el año 2007.

Nos dedicamos a preservar la salud visual y ocular del ser humano y a mejorar la productividad laboral de los empleados que requieren algún tipo de corrección.

Contamos con un reconocido equipo de profesionales de la salud, con experiencias de más de 15 años en el sector, quienes ponen a disposición de la comunidad un servicio amable, responsable, ético y con la más alta calidad.

Atendemos consulta de Oftalmología, Optometría Funcional y Pediátrica y realizamos Brigadas Empresariales de Salud Visual Ocupacional.

Contamos con consultorios especializados, óptica y consultorios móviles en las ciudades de Bogotá, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Medellín y Eje Cafetero.

Los procedimientos quirúrgicos oftalmológicos son realizados en OPTILASER, Clínica Oftalmológica Especializada en cirugía refractiva. La determinación del estado visual la realizamos a través de un examen completo de optometría que nos permite detectar los problemas visuales (miopía, astigmatismo, hipermetropía y presbicia) y/o las patologías oculares que presentes (conjuntivitis, queratitis, pterigios, cataratas, glaucoma, entre otros).

Leer más: OPTOMETRÍA Realizamos en su empresa Brigadas de salud visual con el fin de prevenir, diagnosticar y corregir problemas refractivos y patologías oculares en los funcionarios.

Esta actividad debe ser realizada por todas las empresas dentro del marco legal del Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad y Salud en el trabajo, en donde se busca garantizar la seguridad de los trabajadores.

I went to Hawthorne and Lansdowne, we moved in 1973. I only lived there a few months but I remember playing in the street (dead end) I rode my bike with a family of 3 children. They had a Lumber Yard and used building supply place. I am reaching out to see if any one know my people.. / Margaret (Harney) Mc Atee and Ernest Touchette / Jean (Wallace) Touchette. Then Sharon Goosby who used to seat in front of me in the art room and talk but I was the one who got call on. I left many years ago and still have memories around those years. Mom and Dad bought the house new when they had their first child. After growing out of the house, my dad built one in a new subdivision, on Highwood Dr., off 161, in west Belleville, and my life change forever-houses were farther apart, not as many kids. I was going into 7th grade, and missed my old friends. (My dear neighborhood friend, Debbie Ellsworth-I never saw her again, and missed her terribly-although I did see her brother, Harold, from time to time, when he came to hang out with my brothers.) Went to St. May you all find peace where ever your perfect selves call home. We don't worry about police brutality, driving while black, crime or roving gangs in our commuinity. And maybe you would know Katy Brown and Nate Grady graduated East Side 1957. I'm sure that you can get the answers that you want if you leave your contact information. My mom (wanda) lived on Mullanphy st near 25th and my dad worked in corner market. HE had an aunt that lived in the apartment complex not far from market and close to cass ave. Faye Black, Frnces Dr[pron, Linda Barbeau, Vicki Edsall, Joyce Campanella, Ruth Ann Bateman, June Fields, Connie Kimball, Please if anyone knows where any of the following peoples are let us know. Louis Il my parents had a grocery store at 49 Caseyville ave and later on Kingshighway I went to Holy Angles School and ninth grade at landsdown Jr High after WW11 operated a bakery at 31st and Summit Ave until 1955 and then moved to Fairview Hgts my oldest daughter went to st. Charlie was one of the toughest guys I've ever known. I spent two years at Up of Alabama, graduated from Washington U with a BSN in 1946. My name is Reginald Graham, brother to Rodney (Rock) Graham. We used to live on 75th Street and moved to 25th State, before we left ESL... I also remember not wanting to say the 'F' word and avoided doing so by saying 'Flux-ya' when necessary. If you don't mind I'd like to hear from you about any memories of working with him, the store and East St. You can post them on this site or contact me via email at [email protected] Bill- the drug store at 33rd and State was Eisele pharmacy until about 1960. Used to stop there after school at Clark and use the coke machine. My sister went ot Holy Rosary and then we went to Canteen grade school. Hawthorne and these businesses shared the corner of 37th and Caseyville Ave. It is hard to go back home for most everyone, things are not the same no matter where you came from.

I would be interested in hearing any news of Steve or anyone else from that area and era. I can only remember 2 of their names Jean (boy) and Sandy (girl) There were 2 sisters that played badmitton in the street for hours. I haven't been back since my grandma Delilah passed away about 6 years ago.. Dad's siblings are Edmund Jr., John (Jack) and Elizabeth Mc Atee. My name was Carole Grenawalt, I'm on classmates but haven't join in sometime. Philip grade school from 61-64, then unfortunately my parents pulled us out, and started driving us to St. Do anyone remember the radio broadcast ever Sunday evening. After75 years your love and repect willcarrying on for many years through the stories told down. For Paula Coombs: Do you know where Lynn Robinson (think her father was principal of Lincoln around the time you graduated and Jewel ??? [email protected](rippelmeyer)I am in search of anyone who knew the claro family. He was called Big Jim or Honest Jim.(james) Does this spend familiar to anyone? It is almost everyone approaching 65 hasnashied just fanashied. Patricks for grade school and then to Notre Dame many fond memories MY HUSBAND ATTENDED c LARK j R h IGH AND WAS ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM THERE THE CURRENT PICTURES I DON'T RECOGNISE I REMEMBER THE OLD DOWMTOWN AREA AND EVERY WEEK TOOK IN A COUPLE MOVIES AT THE majestic THEATERTo Sue Sitterson, your brother Charlie Stufflebean and his wife Linda were great friends of mine. My grandparents lived in La Salle Hills Sadly for me, most of my family has past away EXCEPT for my little sister, Rosalyn Graham and big brother Rodney. I just hope that GOD allow his grace to dwell inside ESL!!! However, I guess we went our separate ways at East Side but I never forgot that first day of school at Landsdown. As an adult have been all over the world and seem much of its best. High History home room teacher in 1964-66) Where are you now ? We regularly shopped at Sears and attended my first movie in downtown. I remember on the rare occasion to eat at Nightspot. Hi everyone its me Stanley Jones again this my third time on this site I didn't get a response from the last time while being on this site,so I guess there is no one out there that remembers the Jones family so Iam out of here,love y'all. Most of us had nothing to do with the demise of ESL, but have everything to do with making it our fondest memories ever.

e-mail [email protected] name is Sharon Winning grew up in the gomper homes,went to Longfellow, Rock,and East Side,class of 65,went to the Longfellow market for lunch,5cent bologna sandwiches,sunken gardens was beautiful,does anyone remember Jack Theiss, Terry Mansker, Billy Redwine? My uncle thought they were amazing and always stated what good girls they were. My grandfather was Joe Billups I lived on Pennsylvania Avenue right across the street from Longfellow grade school and the sunken gardens. Mom's siblings are Tom, Eugene, Harold, Joan, Mark, Albert, Nina and John Touchette. I got in touch with my cousin Shirley, I was so glad to talk to her again. Albert the Great, because the new house was being built and that was going to be our new parish. I keep in touch with her and see her occasionally, to this day, although she moved to Wisconsin in the 70's. Philips is still in existence today, as Sister Thea Bowman school. Every Sunday evening we had to go to church to the broadcast. I wish more parents raise their children the way our parents raised us. Proud to be from East Boogie Looking for a family named Chambers who lived on Kansas Ave. Pop was Willie and worked for the railroad Mona fried the best chicken and cornbread ever. Love, THE SAUNDERSI remember Gula's Shoe Store, I from Parkside neighborhood lived on Russel Avenue. I like so many just found the site I was born in E. i grew up in East St Louis like most all of you i went to the rock my brother Charley Stufflebean live in the area all of his lifemy bestie Mary vosyluis still lives there also if anyone knows them please email me tyi grew up in East St. You are a good guy Don and i hope God blesses you and yours. But like Jackie Joyner Kersey once said" I always took East St Louis with me". Donald White- Danny & Sherry Stout- Dennis & Daniel Jagger-Dennis Rollberg- Anyone who danced and drank at Millas Steak House when I played there with my band in the late 60's - early 70's ?? My father worked most of his life in the area and for a long while as a crane operator at Key Company and they moved to Alabama and my family stayed in Ill. I don't know the name of the drug store on 33rd street but it wasn't Courtney Drug. Is there anyway you could make a section to post old recipes from our favorite eating spots? ESL was scorn with racism, but the real issue was that there was nothing to keep the roots, no development or innovated businesses.