It’s a question that’s been considered by countless women before.

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And she knows that even newlyweds can succumb to affairs.

What was really happening was nothing like the portrayal of infidelity that most of us are used to.

There was no glamour, no excitement, no breathless tabloid tone.

Instead, what is most striking about her work is its air of banality.

She came up with the idea for The Married Man after first hearing about the so-called ‘married-affairs’ websites in 2008.

But there was a personal element, too; at 19, she had an affair with a married man.

‘At the start [the work] was cathartic,’ she admits.

A gleaming wedding band here, a glimpse of a pale-blue shirt cuff there.

The images are stark, almost uncomfortably familiar; some of her dates look like men you might know.