Way back in the days when I was a noob vegan (circa 2005) there was very little in the way of acceptable cheese alternatives, which invariably (and understandably) lead to drunken pizza relapses. Anyway, I wanted to get this bad boy up before the 4th incase anyone was looking for inspiration for a... Would you look at these veggies and tofu just taking a bath in this glorious, golden, gingery broth? Continue reading → It seems only befitting that my first blog post back on British soil coincides with Amy Liz’s Great British Blogger Bake Off, which she is running to celebrate the return of The Great British Bake Off to TV this week.... I’m a little late posting this week because I’ve been at a conference in Wisconsin (lolwtfidk) for work.

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The guy next to me is on his third bloody mary and it’s not even 11am (nor are we at brunch)....

I can’t abide going to vegan blogs and seeing 3 billion variations on hummus. Continue reading → Just so you know, I’m about a third of my way through a 12 hour wait at Newark airport.

Clearly I was having too much fun to write a post so I’m here trying to make up for it now... It was too hot to cook, too hot to take pictures, and too hot to eat. Here you'll find recipes, reviews, and no nonsense health and wellbeing info.

And I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back to blogging and sharing my tips for a healthy, plant-based lifestyle! Continue reading → I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence day weekend (see here for a Brit’s perspective on this alleged holiday). Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me, given feedback, or caught a spelling mistake! Continue reading → I didn’t get round to posting last week because my apartment was, quite literally, an inferno. Continue reading → Welcome to Peaches and Greens, my whole-foods, plant-based nutrition blog.

The sensible use of alcohol is what the rabbis envision for us as God’s gift – not something drunk in excess. Life would be quite empty (at least for those of us who are parents) without the chatter of our children playing in the background, playing out in the yard, or in the back seat of the car. We are not to get snared by the activities of youth (texting? TV etc.) in a hopeless effort to stay young – partly because it’s inappropriate, partly because it’s hopeless, mostly because we have our adult duties to perform. Time spent in meetings is generally unproductive and even harmful to our work.

Some time management gurus recommend taking the chairs out of conference rooms so that meetings are conducted with everyone standing – to encourage everyone to get to the point and be done with it.

Other gurus say to never schedule a meeting to go longer than an hour (because a meeting will never end early – people only repeat things already said until the alotted time arrives).

Such an amazing accomplishment given that the blog is only a little over 6 months old!

Art Scroll Mesorah Series) suggests that these are ordinary pleasures of life – but they can tempt us to squander our time and can lead us away from our purpose here on earth. This pleasure in life has never been a temptation for me – but it is for some! In his time, of course, at sundown the family pulled the doors shut and made preparations to go to bed. What is a relaxing pleasure at the end of the day becomes (potentially) a trap if enjoyed earlier and earlier!