She played bass guitar, cello and piano when she was portrayed in the series The Naked Brothers Band.

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She was born on the 2nd of June, 1992 and had been actively involved in the acting fraternity since 2005 to 2009.

She has now retired from acting and singing to focus on her academic endeavors but will surely return to do the deed as time comes.

De Meco was born in Waterbury, Connecticut and has been known to be a multi-instrumentalist.

Posing key questions for group reflection stimulates thought and discussion on where the team is heading, what has been established, and what can be improved.

A real patriot, and a person who is kind but has a terrible work ethic, often runs around shouting utter nonsense. Likes to bug people about how great he is, especially if their names are Arthur.

An Alfred tends to wear glasses and has blonde hair. Alfred: But dude, I gotta be loud so that people can know where I am if they need me.

Alfreds also are afraid of ghosts even though they claim they do not exist, but they easily believe in aliens.

Few things will get done without the team pulling together.

We seek to coordinate and cooperate with each other.