Her first single for the label was "Melodius Thunk" - which was an electro workout popular with both UK and US DJs." The Rocking Chair", the second single, was an emotional ballad featuring string arrangements by Wil Malone, probably most well known for his work on Massive Attack's classic "Unfinished Sympathy", popular on the UK's alternative radio playlists.In 1999, came the release of her widely acclaimed debut album, Kiss My Arp, which was recorded with her long-time studio partner, David Morley, in rural Bavaria, Germany.

Parker is an avid enthusiast of other classic analogue synthesisers such as the Serge, Bouchla and Fairlights choosing them over the current fashion for software synths.

She enjoys using "found sounds" that are sampled and manipulated using hardware equipment.

Her music production method is both unconventional and experimental; she has used the sound of her own sneezes and that of her car tyres running over "cats' eyes" (reflective lighting devices) on the road.

The result of this open-minded view is innovative, electronic music which has at it's heart, a love of the art of song writing.

Kiss MY Arp was initially released as a vocal album, followed by a slightly differing, just as successful, instrumental version.

This is an album of many emotions and sonic textures, a fact not lost on the film and advertising fraternity who have used tracks from it extensively.

Their uses and users were diverse - from the Finnish National Ballet to the renowned astronomer; Patrick Moore's television special, as well as, several motion pictures including Peaches and Vanilla Sky.

Andrea Parker was born and grew up in southern England, moving to London in the early 90's and taking up post at the legendry Fat Cat record shop.

She'd been working on music as a vocalist and producer since an early age, her first step being the mastering of the cello in her teens.

Soon after she contributed to several experimental electronica releases including Inky Blacknuss (with Alex Knight), Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox (with David Morley) on R&S Records, Angular Art on Infonet.

Andrea then signed an album deal with Mo Wax records.