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Simulators are a bit "odd one out" in the gaming world for this reason: almost any other game type will have you eyeballing the latest n Vidia or ATI products, this stuff has you look at CPU's instead.

Average age of people, I dunno, I've seen people on the forum ranging from 16 and all the way up to 50+.

I suspect the average is either high 20's or lower 30's.

i m just curios whats the average of people playing dcs?

i m 26 and i just tried this game and i don t know if its because of cheap graphics card but its just to slow to keep me dad like 50 and i we are new pc gaming,he hasn t played anything since the commodore 64just got our 1st pc a few months back and i found this game for him, now he is hooked like i am on my console.i m also curious if there is any arcade style flying games out there for me play.

any opinions what kind of graphics card would be best to look into and do you think it would improve the gaming experience of this game.

Arcade style - HAWX and it's soon-arriving (I think) sequel.

Of course, you can also activate "game mode" in DCS: BS and have a pretty Novalogic experience, as well.

On graphics cards, a Ge Force 8800 or similar is all you actually need.

Anything above that would really only help you with some effects like antialiasing and texture filtering or use of very large or multiple monitors.

What you want to improve "gaming experience" here is a beefy CPU.