The show revolves around her, her friends and family celebrating De Anna's bachelorette party in Las Vegas, NV at the Palm's Hotel and Casino, as well as other popular Vegas attractions.

while she was a guest on De Generes' daytime talk show.

In the 2008 season of The Bachelorette, Pappas eventually rejected single dad Jason Mesnick and accepted the marriage proposal of professional snowboarder Jesse Csincsak.

Their relationship lasted a few months before the engagement was called off. In late 2011, De Anna was on the show Bachelorette Party on the Oxygen channel.

Her episode was called "Big Fat Greek Bachelorette Party".

He stumbles over his words and was extremely nervous.

They meet again for dinner and he tells her he wants to have a serious conversation. What a surprise, sources saying she chose Jason were “dead wrong”. He tries to tell of her of his feelings but she notices he seems to still be holding back.I don't think you understand how this works, little man. If you do not slip into the room five minutes later—completely naked and fully prepared to rock my reality-whoring world—then prepare to lose everything you hold dear. Your precious 'snowboarding.' Your little sports-agenting fantasy that doesn't have a hope in Hell of coming to pass. Last year on “The Bachelor,” De Anna Pappas was the last lady standing, but that didn’t keep Brad Womack from rejecting her in front of millions of viewers. De Anna says she is on cloud nine and they begin to kiss. They they get in the kayak and do a little smooching. He tells her that he has already fallen in love with her, but doesn’t expect her to say anything. De Anna gives him a note from Chris saying that they can use the key to stay together in the Fantasy Suite. He runs towards her on the beach, and she sees how excited he is to see her. De Anna has a good time on the date, they laughed a lot and had fun together. Finally, he tells her that his anxiety is because he has deep feelings for someone he is afraid to lose – and he doesn’t have her. They have a picnic and Jason tells her he already feels they are a couple.