You may have read that it’s your body language that is causing you to be unapproachable, but it doesn’t come from that. When you have a certain level of self-esteem you may feel comfortable about yourself, and it will show through your body language and how you present yourself with people.

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Competition may be beneficial in some areas, but in this case it’s a sure sign of low self-esteem.

There are people that have low self esteem and yet they are approachable, but we want to focus on becoming approachable with improved self esteem.

The benefits when improving your self-esteem will further improve other areas of you life.

There is another aspect I would like to point out and it goes along with improved self-esteem. We communicate through sound, gesturing, body language and through our thoughts and feelings.

We send out thoughts known as signals or electromagnetic waves to other people.

We sense when someone doesn’t like us, or that they may feel uncomfortable in our presence.

We also know when their lying or hiding something, and hopefully we sense when we are accepted and liked.

So let me ask you, do you think you’re approachable? Do you often wonder why some people seem to get all the attention and you don’t?

Okay so ask yourself this: what kind of people do you think are approachable, who would you approach, and why?

My guess is that you would approach someone because you feel comfortable in doing that, or maybe you think they may feel accepting of you in some way.

You may be good looking, witty, and interesting to talk to, but maybe you’re sending out signals of intimidation, or that you’re scared.