The camera follows her as she tumbles out, and when we pass through the hull breach into space there is sudden actually a compression and rarefaction (thinning) of a medium of some sort, whether it’s a solid, liquid or gas.Without a medium, there’s nothing to vibrate, and all your sound and fury signifies nothing (c’mon, it’s Trek, there to be a Bard reference).

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I watched the original series as a kid and saw the reruns a bazillion times.

I loved the movies, and was thrilled when TNG was on the air.

And while I lost it for a while with DS9 and Voyager (and with the exception of the finale, the last season of Enterprise was pretty good, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), I am still a fan.

I was ready to be disappointed with this revision of Trek. I — its heart, if you will — and bring it up-to-date. I won’t worry about warp drive, transporter tech, or time travel; I’ll concentrate on the real stuff.

And yeah, we do hear ships that as a filmmaker’s prerogative to make the audience comfortable. Other molecules can change that color — if we had a lot of smog in our air, for example, the sky would look reddish-brown.

But I’ll add that for years I have complained about sounds in space, saying that done correctly, making things silent can add drama. Methane absorbs red light, again making a planet look blue (which is why Neptune has a — pardon the expression — sky-blue visage).That sentiment was proven here; the sudden silence as we leave the ship and fly into space with the doomed crewmember is really eerie and unsettling. Mars has a lot of airborne dust, making its sky look yellow, or reddish, or even butterscotch colored.And never fear: I am not going to reveal the overall plot here.I avoided as many spoilers as I could before watching it, and I’m glad I did.It really made the movie more exciting and fun to watch. While I won’t reveal the plot, I have to reveal some details to write a review.So: If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then I suggest evasive maneuvers. Firing weapons of unprecedented power, a Romulan ship is pounding the Federation wessel. and then a torpedo rips open the hull, and a crewmember is blown out into space.