Do producers intentionally cast a person knowing they will be the villain of the season?If not, do villains sort of come about naturally through the shooting then the producers take it and run OR if there are no “real” villains in a given season, can they just randomly pick someone who has questionable ITMs and produce them to be the villains post-shooting?I’m sure they have an idea who’s gonna give them good material, or at least know who they can try and manipulate into the villain. Do you think the producers would ever change the viewing structure of the show to how they have it on Un Real (i.e.

In terms of her purposely going to the end and pushed by producers to say that, that’s all speculation that can never be proven.

_____________________________________________________________ We’ve (you’ve) pretty much established that Jojo’s top guys and many of the others are douches.

You’ve mentioned her intentions may not have been all that great either so maybe it doesn’t matter.

There’s been a pattern in recent seasons where, yes there may be a happy ending, but the journey to get there has included some twist or at least a unique plot where viewers will look back and say “oh yeah.. Ben – Courtney was the villain, Sean – virgin, Des – Brooks leaving, Juan Pablo – no words needed, Andi – one word.. I’m sure the producers already know about all the slime coming out about Jordan and I’m sure they will know Jo Jo is upset and questioning it (whether or not she’s public about it) so do you think they would ever push her to break up with him at AFTR simply because it’s a twist that hasn’t happened recently (last one being Ben and Courtney). Personally as a viewer I think I would be more engaged to the characters and closer to the story knowing that it is all going down in real time..

Or is it better for the franchise that they at least remain together for a while. plus it would help the spoiling situation out from the producers perspective (unless they simply don’t care about spoilers). _____________________________________________________________ I have recently read more articles saying that Ben Higgins is still in love with Jo Jo Fletcher.

Basically, since there hasn’t really been a significant “plot” or theme throughout this season, could they leverage this drama to make it memorable for viewers as the season where she dumped him at AFTR because of his shady lifestyle? Perhaps, this franchise just relies way too heavily on production edits throughout the entire season to ever switch to a week at a time, in real time structure. Wonder why this is coming back up now that she is on her own quest to find love.

Is there speculation that Ben and Lauren are not doing well? Also, I had listened to a podcast that Lauren Himle did a while back.

She said all the contestants knew it was Lauren since the Las Vegas episode.

I also read an article that said Jo Jo knew it was Lauren and agreed to go along to the end. Ben and Lauren are still together, as evidenced by today’s announcement. Lauren said what I said during filming, that it was Lauren about halfway through.

She knew one of the producers and they promised her more exposure if she agreed to go along with the plot. One of the producers of the “Bachelor” (Louis Caric) was a producer on “Ready For Love,” her brother Ben’s show.

I also read that Ben was asked (and pushed) by the producers to say “I love you” to both women. Louis is who got Jo Jo on Ben’s season, without a doubt.