is based, and Cupid, that love-mongering cherub that shows up every February. When the i Pad debuted earlier this year, some people waiting in line to buy it said they didn't really know what it was - but they trusted that Apple would know what's best for them.Apple fans have a reputation in the tech world for being, well, pretty fanatical. Some people love Apple for its sleek, consumer-oriented products.

The blog notes that Mac fans have gotten married in Apple Stores before.

If you meet the fanboy or -girl of your dreams, the blog suggests, "just be sure to pre-order your i Phone cake in advance." Not everyone online is this excited about the thought of Apple fanatics falling in love, however: Apple fans can be annoying when they’re on their own," writes Michael Arrington at the blog Tech Crunch.

"The thought of them breeding and creating little Apple fans, a whole family of hard core hipster Apple lovers, is just not a good thing.

But Cupidtino's Twitter feed sent a message to CNN saying, "We're for real." The "about" section of the website says it was created by three people in San Francisco, California.

Here's how they describe themselves: "We’re 3 geeks (2 devs and a designer) with backgrounds at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

We’re based in San Francisco and obsessed with our Apple gadgets (we have them all! We’re privately funded and would love to discuss interesting partnership opportunities.More info to come soon as we release more broadly." Some Apple-relevant blogs are pumped about Cupidtino: "If there's one thing that all Mac-obsessed creatures have in common, besides their undying devotion to Apple products, it's the need to be loved," writes a blog called the i Phone Savior.Do you spend your nights debating the merits of i Phone multitasking?Do you have a poster of Steve Jobs on your bedroom ceiling?And are you looking for a partner who has plenty of free wall sockets, so you can charge up your i Pod, i Pad, i Book and i Phone - all at once?!? The new dating site, designed exclusively to set-up fans of Apple gadgets, says it will launch in June.For the uninitiated, the name is a combination of Cupertino, the California city where Apple Inc.