Leo man and Aquarius woman have some similar qualities - intelligence, generosity, magnanimity, sociability, flexible and progressive mind.

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Your enthusiasm is vital for your team or circle of friends today.

People are looking to you for guidance on whether or not to get involved in something, and if they see that you are up for it, then they will be too.

Your influence is growing, and with it your responsibilities grow too.

You've got to be ready to be a leader at any moment -- so be aware that everything you do is sending a message out to those who are watching, especially powerful people.

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Confrontation between a Leo man and Aquarius woman, which their compatibility horoscope warns of, is so strong that these zodiac signs, even if they love each other and live together, will experience periods of hatred or admiration, depending on the situation.

At the beginning, their relationship will be like an exciting adventure game: trying to understand each other, each will make an attempt to blow the lid off the other, and make him/her open up.