I can communicate with her with your translation at this time, and we would not be able to get any help in our daily life if we got married and lived together. Here is what you can do while she is still in Russia and waits for a fiancée visa. Don’t expect that after classes she will start to speak fluent English at once. Next the couple simply doesn’t understand how to communicate further. These are lines from the interview with Lena – our former client, who moved to the USA three years ago. You dream about talking to someone who speaks your mother tongue. You are inadequate, people either laugh at your actions or criticize.

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- The classes should be as often as you both can afford. She must understand your vocabulary, get used to your way of thinking. ” Such classes are free of charge – it is one more plus.

It will help her to prepare better to the reality she will meet in another country. If she meets unfamiliar words or expressions, then she can consult translators. However there is one plus in such study: you get very firm knowledge and never forget it. Anyway if she doesn’t like them, she can go to any other classes. Here is what one man tells about their experience: “When my wife arrived here we tried both expensive private classes in small groups, and the ESOL classes at a local community college.

We always support women in that in the agency and help if necessary. She did not learn much at the ESOL classes at the community college.

It is where we eat (shows with gestures), and this is a bedroom, here we will sleep (shows)”. Even a one-year old child can explain to his parents what he wants, and me – an educated European girl, mother, and just sociable person can’t even choose dishes in a menu!

I look at the ad, but see only a sequence of symbols!

- Her task at this stage is to broaden her vocabulary and practice grammar.It’ll also be very good if a teacher manages to take off her fear to speak the foreign language.Instead of epigraph: Hi Slava, I am corresponding with a lady from Next the couple thinks good of our agency: how wonderful it was when someone translated accurately all your thoughts. Because they turn out to be inappropriate in this society. That’s what those women, who marry a man from another country and don’t know the language of the country, feel for the first time. If it continued forever, there would be no sense in international marriages. Here is how one of the lucky men who married a Russian woman describes it: “My wife spoke no English at all when I met her.She's almost exactly the kind of girls I am looking for. Let’s talk today about that wonderful time when your virtual for the present time bride from Russia will come into your house in the most real way and say…hmm, what will she say? We had our correspondence translated through an agency, and we spoke with a translator on line when we spoke on the telephone. We bought a business for her about a year and a half ago and she has no trouble dealing with customers all day.However, I do have serious concern about whether the language barrier could be overcome. When I visited her in the Crimea we used an Ectaco electronic speaking dictionary, which was quite effective and a lot of fun, and occasionally a live translator. She still has a way to go to be truly fluent, but she is relaxed about language now and completely independent.I do not speak Russian, and she only understands written English text with help of dictionary. At times she is now able to explain my faults to me in great detail, in English. Lena and many other women agree in opinion that the most difficult time is the first year. But are there any possible ways to ease the first year? «She tried to take some English classes while she was still in Ukraine, but they were not very effective», - writes the same man in the forum.