The Instructions for completing the Form (also found at this web site) contain the current list of Regional and Headquarter contacts to whom the Form should be mailed. (Section 2 below outlines the information needed for companies using designated agents).The registrant must submit a signed letter on company letterhead to request for a company number and establish an official address with EPA. The letter must include a statement authorizing the agent to act in all matters concerning the registration of your product with EPA. Environmental Protection Agency Document Processing Desk (NEWCO) Office of Pesticide Programs, Mail Code 7504P 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. Washington DC 20460-0001By Personal (hand)/Courier Service/Overnight Delivery (Fed Ex, UPS, etc): U. EPA will direct all future correspondence to the official address. agent to receive correspondence and represent the registrant in matters concerning their application. It must also include a statement acknowledging that all official correspondence from EPA will be directed to the agent.

A “company number” is a unique identifier assigned to a company that wishes to register a pesticide (e.g. Such production requires the company to obtain a “Pesticide-Producing or Device-Producing Establishment Number”.

herbicide, rodenticide, or antimicrobial) with the U. Registrants must obtain a company number prior to registering their first product with the Agency.

A "company number" is also required for a company that plans to “produce” pesticides or devises.

For subsequent products or amendment to existing registrations, the registrant must refer to this company number.

(Note: registrants who plan to produce their own products will also need and then submit EPA Form 3540-8 (Application for Registering a Pesticide , Device, or Active Ingredient Establishment Number) to the Regional office where their company Headquarters office is located to obtain the establishment number.

For foreign establishments, the Form should be submitted to EPA’s DC office.The Form can be obtained at Pesticide Establishment Registration and Reporting.© 2010 All Site Photographs By Award Winning Photographer – Louvette Fowler Art is subjective.Its reason is to tell a story, prescription make you see and feel something.It seeks to impress a contribution to your world, cheap but also to express what is and has been.It does not perform for judgement, sickness but to resonate a love.