rst-month/ Now, I've been making money online for three years, and I know many others who are doing it too. So he definitely must have a lot of traffic coming in, which would give him good income.So I have some good knowledge and experience in this area, and I know that making $8000 during your first month, especially selling one ebook, is an extraordinary claim. But there are many sites out there that look great with web 2.0 graphics and nifty wordpress themes, but they ain't making shit.

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However, within his free advice blog are embedded various affiliate links to a number of website optimization products that claim to help get traffic to your site, which you have to pay for of course.

So I wonder if that's why he's giving out so much free advice, to get commissions on these SEO products?

It's hard to believe that he would do it for nothing or do it out of altruism.

It is very helpful and generous with all its free advice and instructions for generating online passive income and creating websites to do that with. However, I can't help but be a bit skeptical of his personal success claims. See here: But then he claims in his interviews and story that he made $8000 in his first month off of selling one ebook about how to pass an architect license exam.

First, he tells us in his intro 101 page that making money online is not easy. Then he says he made over $200,000 in his first year, and that he now makes over $30,000 monthly.

That seems to contradict his teaching that it takes a lot of time and effort to make money online, doesn't it, since he claimed to get rich quickly.

Here are his monthly income reports where it shows his monthly build up of k a month to k: Here are his interviews where he makes these claims: ... His sample passive income business sites do look great though, and are ranked very high.

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Hi all, I've been looking over the blog of a popular internet marketing guru, Pat Flynn, at