The wealth of historical monuments make Tripoli the second largest preserved Mameluke city in the world.An educational game to test your knowledge about Tripoli, Lebanon.A comprehensive tourist guide for sightseeing in Tripoli, Lebanon.

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A wander around inside Tripoli, Lebanon: A diary of humouristic series of walkabouts "kazdouras".

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Terrain, street, satellite, touristic, urban growth, sailing, and historical maps and aerial imagery of Tripoli, Lebanon. A guide for towns and villages neighbouring Tripoli, Lebanon.

The harbour - El Mina - three kilometers away, hosted what was apparently at one time a Phoenician town of which nothing now remains.

El Mina is also known as the "City of Waves and Horizons".

A comprehensive repository of Tripolitan families and expatriates.

Tripoli has long been known for its sweets industry, olive oil-based soap production, and copper crafts.

The Palm Islands Park is a unique and integrated natural marine basin in the eastern Mediterranean that was declared as a reserve in 1994. The 'Tripoli e-Discussion Society' is an independently self-controlled body that aims at gathering Tripolitans residing all over the world to discuss issues pertaining to Tripoli, Lebanon.

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A quick reference about Tripoli in the Prehistorical, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Crusade, Mameluke, and Ottoman periods.