The signature is above with two hearts and an arrow through. Made by Quarrier Ward and the Ward Brothers - the designs now owned by Miracle.Some brooches are unsigned and may be displayed on just a card.The real feet are decorated with Cairngorm stones usually of glass but some are the real gemstone.

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Originally worn on kilts, shawls and cloaks - it was prized for good luck especially when on a game hunting trip. Grouse bird foot brooches can be found in both silver and costume.

The silver ones are hall marked and were made by the Ward brothers.

(Ideal for dating with the hallmark) The brothers were originally producing jewellery in Scotland but also opened another factory in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, as the popularity was such for their Scottish and other jewellery.

They also produced costume grouse pins under the Mizpah range.

Again some of the stones are real amethyst and usually on the silver versions.

Earlier brooches are made with very skinny feet and later versions being fatter.

I think the later ones are not real feet but manufactured.

I am a geek vintage fashion blogger of the old and new.

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Being a jewellery geek and nerd that likes the unusual and different mixed with history has its advantages. Since the Victorian era when Scottish jewellery became popular.

The birds foot of the Ptarmigan has been used in the jewellery industry, to produce claw brooches.