Established in 1576 in the town of Ostrog, the Collegium was the first higher education institution in the Eastern Slavic territories.

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Education in Ukraine has a long & a very rich history.

Its students, graduates & academics have long been known & appreciated all over the world.

Most foreign students live in hostels provided by the school at low cost, keeping their expenses low.

Every student is guaranteed not only in getting of education on high level, but also in getting of diploma, which corresponds to all the standards of Bolonga System for today.

The first higher education institutions (HEIs) emerged in Ukraine during the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

The first Ukrainian higher education institution was the Ostrozka School, or Ostrozkiy Greek-Slavic-Latin Collegium, similar to Western European higher education institutions of the time.

The pioneering research of scholars working in the ukraine’s higher education institutions and academies, such as Dmytro Mendeleyev, Mykola Zhukovsky, and Yeugeny Paton, are part of the universal history of scientific progress.

Education in Ukraine focuses on useful information for all foreigners, who want to study in Ukrainian universities.