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Anyone suffering from pregnancy, self injury, running away, child endangerment, sexual assault, rape, verbal assault, low income, mental health, obesity and the list goes on and on. The new owner has changed the layout of the site and looks to be taking it to the next level. is a website that explains what PTA’s do and then can even help students find schools to attend to become a PTA. The website just needed some extra content and a little more SEO.

This has become a wonderful website and I ask each of you to please check out the website and make a donation if you can. The new owner seems to have left the website the way he purchased it.

We have not had a lot of communication with them but we wish them the best.

We take pride in all of our business relationships. They help women entrepreneurs in the tech industry get started in their businesses. It appears they have kept the blog up and are looking at adding content to the site to make this a powerful information source on the patriot act. This domain was acquired by a travel company based in Sweden.

Many times the brands that we sell are to companies or individuals that have taken the name to the next level. At Raise The they provide a service that makes it easy for candidates and committees to raise money for their campaigns. This domain was a parked domain name when we owned it.

We are proud to associate ourselves with these companies and individuals who are running successful businesses with our past brands. They make it simpler to accept credit cards, easy sign up process and a secure verification. The new owners have taken the domain to the next level.

We built this powerful domain name into a blog and information guide about the Patriot Act.

They are now running a great website where a customer can book travel, select the dates, select the flights and airfare and more. The owner also has taken a blank domain and took it to the next level.

It is very rewarding to me to see the progress with these companies and domains. This domain was also just a parked page where the new owner has taken it to the next level. This domain has a very nice alexa rank for traffic and is getting tons of interest. I had no idea what was in store when I found out what this domain would be used for.