Punctuation Sometimes the placement of a period or use of a question mark matter because it helps determine tone of voice.We tend to think that a period at the end of a text sentence conveys an abrupt and succinct tone, when in fact it’s the proper use of the period.

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Texting is probably the most confusing form of communication, but it’s also the most utilized.

According to Christian Mingle and JDate’s Mobile’s Impact Dating & Relationships study, 82 percent of singles use texting over any other mobile device features.

Here’s how to interpret a text, from how long it takes him to respond to the very last period and emoji at the end of the sentence.

Timing Just because your dating prospect doesn’t text back immediately, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to talk to you.

Before getting concerned, give him the benefit of the doubt.

He may be busy, at work or in a place without service.People are never too busy to talk to someone they’re genuinely interested in, so give him at least three hours (which is the average response time 60 percent of singles expect); after that, he may just not be that into you.In the last two years of being single, I have been on more than 50 dates with men I’ve met online.I have chatted with hundreds and read easily thousands of profiles.Communicating via technology when dating may be easier in some ways, but decoding what your crush means can actually be pretty confusing. According to a recent study by online dating sites Christian Mingle and JDate, 69 percent of singles didn’t even know whether they were on a ‘real date’ the first time they hung out!It’s tough to decipher another person’s emotions and intentions when all we see are words or emojis on a computer or mobile screen. The conclusions we create — whether correct or not — jumpstart how we proceed in pursuing the relationship, and can inevitably make or break it before it’s even begun.