They were able to gain control over the criminal underworld using their new found Opium trade.Once they had gained control over these underworld crime groups with illegal drugs, they thinned them out and consolidated power by “getting rid of” those too independent or who wouldn’t follow their directives exactly to a “T”.The RKM Opium Cartel was then able to use these underworld crime networks to distribute their newly developed illegal narcotics trade to more and more of the public and increase revenue and power substantially.

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The exceedingly crafty plan they developed was to set up a secret private central banking network to replace the visible British Colonial governments.

But in order to do this they deemed it was necessary to gain secret control over most of the underworld crime groups in these colonies and use this criminal network to build up the strength of their secret empire.

The RKM leaders recognized that in order to this they would have to entice these underworld crime networks with a new extremely lucrative illegal business as partners with themselves.

Some historians believe that this large Opium trafficking group operated through a proprietary Intel front known as the British East India Company.

Anyone who wants more information about the World’s largest opium Trafficking Cartel should get a hold of the well respected classic, Dope Inc. Many secrets are contained in this book which some claimed sent Henry Kissinger into a tizzy fit.

It is now generally recognized that the *RKM is an inter-generational family-based private international central Fiat banking group insiders refer to as the “World Money-changers”, or “the Baby” because it is at the nexus of the revived mystery Babylonian Talmudic Banking system, also known as the “money from nothing” Babylonian Money-magick system.Once the Rothschild Family took over the City of London after Waterloo, their main goal adopted was to hijack and then revitalize the British Empire which was beginning to fail and shrink.Over the years some who have retired from working inside the upper levels of Intel and Defense have claimed that the core controllers of the Pentagon are themselves under the control of a secret occult-linked drug trafficking group.This group is also believed to run the Israeli-American Terror machine and the private central Banking Systems run out of the City of London.This group controls most of the World’s political systems through private Fiat central banking while waging wars to extend power and generate massive profits not otherwise possible.But there have also been claims that this powerful group of “World Money-changers” originally gained much of its foreign power from creating and maintaining a large international opium trafficking network or cartel hidden behind a City of London Proprietary Intel operation.