Just months later, he admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna, 28, using Ashley Madison’s adultery service.In May 2016, Josh and Anna announced that they’re working on rebuilding their marriage.

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While the Duggars girls must live with "courting" and supervised dates, Amy revealed she chose to play by her own rules.

The rebel Duggar confessed: "I used to date bodybuilder types.

But they just turned out to be one dud after another. As soon as I discovered a major flaw like a temper or anything like that, I realized really quickly I didn't need that in my life." While "six guys" might not seem like a lot to some women, it's actually shocking compared to Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald's romantic histories. added: "It looked like I jumped from guy to guy, but I'm glad I dated that much before marriage because it showed me what kind of characteristics I wanted to find and the personalities that worked well with mine." Once again, all good points!

The face of Josh Duggar‘s Ashley Madison profile is suing.

Matthew Mc Carthy, whose pictures the former TLC star reportedly used on Twitter, OKCupid and Ashley Madison profiles, claimed that he was “humiliated” and lost work as a Hollywood DJ and photographer after Duggar, 28, revealed he was addicted to pornography.

In the suit, Mc Carthy, 31, says his tight-knit Catholic family was “mortified” to see his mug on Duggar’s accounts, TMZ reports.Mc Carthy says he’s been harassed with nicknames like “DJ Duggar” and “Duggar’s Boy Toy.” Mc Carthy seeks unspecified damages for the wrongful use of his image.Mc Carthy’s troubles began in August 2015 when Duggar’s philandering and pornographic proclivities surfaced.He told Gawker: “A teacher of mine from high school messaged me on Facebook, who I haven’t even seen or talked to in year.And she was like, ‘Hi Matthew, I hope you’re doing well.I think you’re doing well — but I saw some article, and you’re in the news about some sex scandal.’ I was just like, ‘No, no, no, no that’s — that’s not me.’ It was so weird—it’s just kind of crazy to have someone I haven’t spoken to in so long message me about it.” In May 2015, Duggar confessed to molesting five girls, including his sisters Jill and Jessa Duggar.