I discovered that my great-great-grandfather had died in a workhouse and that his death had been registered by the matron.

On this site I hope to post any information that I have on the people, places and events in the old parish before its division, although people, places and events in the present parish of Nonington will be referred to from time to time.

The history of Snowdown Colliery and the mining village of Aylesham, originally both in the old parish of Nonington, has been very well recorded on several excellent websites and will therefore will not be covered in any great detail.

Hello, I'm Peter Higginbotham, the creator of this web site.

(My contact information is given on a separate page.) I first became interested in workhouses while researching my family history.

I also regularly present talks on subjects such as the workhouse — more information on my talks web page.

Quite separate from my historical researches, I have written several pieces for the stage including (set in the world's most unsuccessful dating agency).

Some of my on-screen contributions can occasionally be viewed on You Tube (things do come and go, however).

This web site, which began life at the start of 2000, is the result of my researches and visits to hundreds of former workhouse sites across the British Isles, from Truro to Thurso, and from Dover to Donegal.

At the last count, it contained over 2800 web pages, 6000 photos and illustrations, and 1800 maps and plans.

All this work has been done entirely in my spare time and is totally self-funded, so donations are always very welcome and appreciated.

Apart from compiling the web sites such as this one, I've written many books and articles, as well as contributing to radio and TV programmes, such as Radio 4's .