Also, whilst i will be returning the incorrect item, i have another unsuitable item.i send this in the same parcel so that its free? so I didn't find a thread and thought why not make one ?any one else thinking of applying to UEA (well of course some you are) ??

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I have recently got my HC1 (i think that's what it is?

) form back which entitles students to free prescriptions, sight tests, dental treatment, glasses etc.

I have a prescription and need to get some glasses...

the certificate says it entitles you to a voucher towards the full cost of glasses.

For a review of the medical school by students in the school follow this link: Here's the medicine connect/stalking page and the UEA connect/stalking page - you'll be able to see other applicants' grades and offers.

If you enter your details it will be really helpful for other people applying.Can anyone tell me what the accomodation at UEA is like, and if there is any relation to which accmodation block you get into/how early you get your accmodation form in?Has anyone used a HC1 certificate to get free glasses before?I am wondering if I have to buy the glasses then apply for the voucher, or apply for the voucher then get the glasses, or how it works! The situation is that they have sent me an incorrect item, which I have been given a free returns label to send the incorrect item back to them with.Can I use this again if the correct item that they send later on is not right?