Holiday from start to finish: the most important addresses and information for your Vietnam trip Vietnam Airlines fly non-stop every day from London to Saigon and Hanoi (approx. A number of airlines, including Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways and American Airlines, fly from New York, Los Angeles and other cities (from US$800).When booking onward flights within Vietnam or to neighbouring countries, the Vietnamese national carrier often grants a discount of 50%.

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You can change dollars and travellers cheques without any problem (make sure you have your passport with you).

Large hotels, tourist restaurants, travel agencies and airline offices accept credit cards (1 to 3% handling fee).

For safety's sake, it's a good idea to keep a few US dollars and some travellers cheques on you, particularly if you're planning to move on to Cambodia, or are likely to arrive at Hanoi airport late at night.

Always check the digits when handling Vietnamese dong polymer notes. For everyday transactions use the 10,000 (£0.30/US$0.40), 50,000, 100,000 notes and in more expensive restaurants the 500,000 note (£15/US$25).

As the theft of smaller sums of money from rooms, luggage and even room safes is not uncommon, if possible leave your money in the safe at reception and ask for a receipt.

UK EMBASSY HANOICentral Building, 4th floor | 31 Hai Ba Trung | Hanoi | tel.

04 39 36 05 00 | CONSULATE SAIGON25 Le Duan Street | District 1 | Saigon | tel. 35 0 20 42 00 | hochiminh.1.5l of high-percentage alcohol or 2l wine, and 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g tobacco may be imported into Vietnam duty-free.

The official bank exchange rate is often less favourable (by approx.

2500 VND) at the airport, in hotels and in large towns.