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I was expecting a very good game, after the long waiting.

tecnoname 05/16/2015 1 year ago i'm very disappointed with this game.

You can't just say it's only rehashed content, that's definitely not fair.

*See you later Phone call from Faye: *Indeed, hello Madame.

I only wanted to express mypoint of view about the game, and say that I hope that you wont wait a lot for uploading a new game, a better game ths time, please.

I expected more 05/19/2015 1 year ago Ok, i'll not insult this time.

And then,you do this piece of shit that only has female actions, without any male action.

They know, that sex with animal it's not deviation, but normal.

Our girls are crazy for just one thing - erected horse penis in their tight cunt!