Applied - Parent has applied very recently for FSM and has not yet been checked for eligibility.

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The following are a list of all possible statuses that may show on the FSM Status Report.

They are divided into 2 categories - 'Eligible' and 'Non-Eligible'.

For any queries relating to these statuses please contact us.

Eligible - Meals are authorised on a continuing basis until further notice.

This date may be in the future - for example when a parent starts to work and so the child will be eligible up until this new status start date.

Cancelled by School - Meals have been cancelled as the school has provided information that they should stop.

A follow up letter has been sent to parents in case this is incorrect.

If an end date is needed, you can enter the end of the current half term.

Eligible : Under Review - Meals are authorised on a short-term basis whilst additional proof is sought from parent/carers. Meals will not end immediately as the parent/carer has approx 2 weeks to provide more information.