Most guys don't know what these mistakes are, and even more don't know how to correct them.Knowing about these frustrations, one of the world's most respected dating coaches (and gentleman), Derek Cajun, took the task of developing a system of online dating advice and etiquette that any man can use to succeed in dating online.The result is – a complete system for meeting, attracting, and dating women online. The book stems from two years of research and applies the proven Love Systems approach that's revolutionized the way men meet women in nightclubs, shopping malls, coffee shops, and their social circles.

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Fortunately, economic theories are rarely deterred by problems involving large numbers.

Better yet, economists are familiar with precisely this kind of problem. The idea of an optimal-stopping problem is simple: you must choose a time to stop in order to get the best outcome. Information is produced by a random process, and each day you get some new information.

If you never stop, you get an outcome that isn’t particularly attractive, so at some point, you probably want to stop.

To give you an idea of just how severe the problem is, let’s imagine that you’re aged 18 to 25, and you’re trying to find the person you’re best suited to in that age range.

To begin, there are about 1.5 million men and 1.5 million women to choose from in Australia.

If you picked a sex, and spent only three minutes with each of those people, then it would take 25 years of speed dating to find the person you liked the most.Things are harder still if you want more than three minutes to assess each person, if you’re bisexual, if you want someone older or if you think true love resides overseas.The Australian Financial Review was good enough to publish an extract from my new book 'The Economics of Just About Everything', which you can read here.If you like what you see, why not support your local independent bookstore by buying a copy? The economics of dating comes down to three simple rules: 1.There is no ­per­fect match, but some matches are definitely better than others. You won’t know how well suited you are to someone until you get to know them. Time is scarce, so a decision based on limited information is probably better than no decision at all.The challenge of dating is that you don’t have enough information and you don’t have enough time to get it.