Thus Idris Elba girlfriend does not exist at the moment apparently he can be happy with almost anyone and when he finds the right girl than he will become happy.

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Their marriage came to an end, because of Idris fault, the actor could not find a job for more than couple of months and eventually he was left homeless and then Idris Elba girlfriend did not had the strength to be with him.

He also notes that these were the worst times for him and that he had to spend time in his van and slept in it even for eight weeks.

In 1998 he married other Idris Elba girlfriend and made Kim, that is his name known as Kim Elba, thus their relationship did not last for so long, because they ended in 2003.

His former wife is a make u artist and she works with actors and with movies and does make up, but their relationships were not meant to be.

There are also talks that one striper was known as Idris Elba girlfriend, she used to dance in one infamous strip club in Atlanta so they must have meet there.

She was even expecting a child from him and when he found out he took her with him to live in Miami and when she gave birth their relationship broke of and she went back to her profession as a stripper in order to support her and her son.It appears that now she is dancing in King of Diamonds gentlemen club and this one is much better than the one she used to dance before meeting Idris, so he made her carrier work.Idris Elba is a single man, although he has had a lot or relationship in his life, right now he prefers being single even if just for a short time, because for him finding a potential Idris Elba girlfriend would be easy.Many people call him as a modern Denzel Washington and ladies love not only his looks but also his abilities to be the way that he is.Due to the fact that he has acted in sci-fi movies it looks like women want to become his girl in order to experience him in the real life not only watching him on television.In 1997 not only that Idris Elba girlfriend exist, but she was also his wife and they had a baby daughter.