The Indonesian Cupid members are generally in a number of categories: Indonesian women are very beautiful, as anyone who has ever been to Bali will tell you.Indonesian Cupid is full of very beautiful single Indonesian women looking for marriage.There are however a few downsides to dating Indonesian ladies.

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Reaching Indonesia from the USA, Canada or Europe means flying halfway across the World for a date!

Indonesia is however fairly close to Australia, so for Australian men looking for an Asian wife then Indonesia is well worth considering. The country is large and many of the islands are quite difficult to travel to.

Very few of the airlines have Western rated safety standards.

If you're looking for an Indonesian wife then it's usually easier to stick to one of the major cities such as Jakarta.

Certain parts of Indonesia are also considered dangerous to visit, and there is a threat of terrorism throughout Indonesia.

Compared to Thailand, China or the Philippines, comparatively few men look for Asian brides in Indonesia.This means that there's a lot less information about finding a wife in Indonesia, so if you have problems or things go wrong then you might have difficulty getting helpful advice.If you're looking for a beautiful Indonesian wife or girlfriend then one of the few dating sites to concentrate on women from Indonesia is the Indonesian Cupid dating site.Here's some information about the Indonesian Cupid Asian dating site.First of all, the thing to remember with Indonesian Cupid and all the other Cupid Media owned network of dating sites is that: This is quite a bit different from other Asian dating sites like Chnlove, where all of the ladies on the site are looking for marriage partners, and pretty much all of the ladies are in China (with the exception of those who work overseas).Having said that, the majority of the female singles on Indonesian Cupid do live in Indonesia.