Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the number one free app on i Tunes right now, and many, like me, have enjoyed the game’s strong writing and addictive gameplay, as well as it’s ability to create an avatar that can resemble oneself fairly strongly (within certain limitations.) Of course, as a free to play mobile game, I find my own enjoyment tapering off after a while.But there’s no doubt it’s attracting many people from Mrs.Kardashian West’s core fanbase, a group that does not often overlap with the type of people one would imagine as a gamer.

Persona 4 is bright and happy, even if the majority of the plot is about murder.

However, the PSP version of Persona 3 allows you to play as a woman, opening up new Social Links and dating options.

Let me tell you—I was overjoyed to have a chance to date Akihiko, just as much as I was to play as my own gender. The World Ends With You Square Enix Set in a Shibuya that is portrayed as extremely image conscious, fashion plays a huge role in The World Ends With You.

If you’re finding yourself enjoying Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and would like to try something similar but don’t know where to start, here’s the 10 best games to try. Persona 3 and 4 Atlus The last two games in Atlus’s Persona series are complex and rough RPGs.

They can be grueling, and have a sizeable fanbase of people that love them for that reason.

But these games have become popular in the Western world not just because they’re hard.These are games full of rich characters and deep stories.Everyone you meet in Persona 3 and 4—and you’ll meet a lot, as the game’s Social Link system encourages you to get out and make friends—is drawn sympathetically.They’re full characters, and by the time the game ends you’ll be sad to see them go.While the games play similarly, plot-wise they vary greatly.Persona 3 is a fairly dark game that pokes at uncomfortable thoughts that often lie dormant.