Sellers busied herself in the kitchen, preparing Sydney's favorite dinner – turkey breast, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and asparagus.

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The Pell City High School freshman excelled in the classroom and beyond.

She wrote poetry, earned her black belt in Taekwondo, took honors classes and was an altar server at her Catholic church.

She might listen to Ella Fitzgerald one day, and Breaking Benjamin the next.

My child was a great person, but my child was being assaulted, and from more than one direction, by really evil people." Sunday, Dec.

7, 2014 was Sydney's first day as an altar server at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, and her last day alive.

She had spent Saturday with her boyfriend and his family celebrating his birthday, which was actually on Sunday.

Sellers' mom said the hours leading up to Sydney's death were wonderful, and extraordinarily ordinary – church, lunch, a trip to the doctor because Sellers had a brutal headache, and then an afternoon of laughing, joking and watching TV. "That day was so wonderful." Later that afternoon, Ronnie Sellers, Sydney's father and Sellers' husband, went to take a nap.

She hunted, and fished, and had just started playing around with a guitar.

She had been dating a boy in her grade who, Sellers said, hit every check on the list of traits a parent would want in their daughter's first boyfriend.