Luckily, the mystical sage behind Rita's original imprisonment, Zordon of Eltar, has remained there (trapped in a Time Warp, limiting him to appearing as just a transmission of his head inside of a large plasma tube), awaiting her eventual escape.At his Command Center building, he has his robotic assistant, Alpha 5, seek out a group of five brave teenagers with attitudes to combat the aliens.

When a strange planetoid appears near the moon, two astronauts are sent to investigate.

They discover an ancient space dumpster, and mistakenly open it, freeing the Evil Space Aliens trapped within for the past 10,000 years.

Intergalactic sorceress Rita Repulsa and her goons (Goldar, a golden armored Ape/Griffin; Baboo, a blue-furred flying monkey; Squatt, Baboo's stout impish pal; and Finster, a white dog-like inventive creature) set their sights on the nearby planet, Earth.

John (Jason (Red Ranger)) Walter Jones (Zach (Black Ranger)) Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly (Pink Ranger)) David Yost (Billy (Blue Ranger)) Audri Dubois (Trini (Yellow Ranger)) Paul Schrier (Punk #4) David Fielding (Zoltar) Richard Steven Horvitz (Alpha 5 (voice)) Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa (voice)) Dave Mallow (Baboo/ Flyguy (voices)) Michael Sorich (Squatt (voice)) Five teenagers, who hang out in an average bowling alley, and occasionally use their karate skills to fend off a gang of mean bullies, are summoned to save the world by an intergalactic being named Zoltar.

He gives them the power to become Power Rangers, and to call upon giant dinosauric robots called Droids to combat the forces of space witch Rita Repulsa.

The interior design of the Command Center is entirely different.

As is that of Alpha 5's body (though his voice is the same).

Zordon is called "Zoltar", and is a big GREEN head in a tube, with a more articulated face. And of course, Trini is played by an entirely different actress than in the series.

A slightly edited version of this episode finally aired in the Power Rangers: The Lost Episode special, with the opening credits removed, some of the fight against the bullies cut out, and the word "Droids" changed to "Zords." The only scene (aside from Sentai footage) from this pilot to make it into the final version of "Day Of The Dumpster" is the explosion in the desert Rita fires at the teens as they walk away from the Command Center.