Phishing email try to trick the intended victim into visiting a fraudulent website disguised to look like a valid e Commerce or banking site.The victim thinks they are logging into their real account, but instead everything they enter on the fake site is being sent to the scammers.Armed with this information, the scammer can wipe out the victim's accounts, run up their credit cards, or even steal their identity.

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Today, email is the preferred method of these scammers and there are more Nigerian 419 Advanced Fee Fraud scams - and victims - than ever before.

Greeting card scams arrive in email pretending to be from a friend or family member.

Clicking the link to view the card typically leads to a booby-trapped web page that downloads Trojans and other malicious software onto the systems of the unsuspecting.

The shopper-needed scam sends the 'new hire' a check for a few hundred dollars, instructing them to cash the check and take their portion, then forward on the remaining funds to the "employer".

Of course, the check is bogus, it will bounce eventually, and you - the victim - will be liable for the funds you spent from the check, plus the amount you forwarded on, plus any service fees or fines that result.

More ยป The ad should read: Help Wanted to illegally launder money on behalf of criminals. Instead it couches the crime in soft terms like 'payment processing' and 'reshipping transactions'.Don't be fooled - victims not only find themselves engaged in illegal activity, but they will also be on the legal hook for the entire amount transferred and any fees that result. Find Asian women for love, dating and Looking for Cherry Blossoms reviews, coupons or pricing details? at this time,you can look up Cherry Blossoms promo codes and coupons here as If you're interested in Filipinas, one of the top dating sites to meet them, Cherry Blossoms, is offering a off coupon.The Internet makes it easier to accomplish many things -- banking, research, travel, and shopping are all at our virtual fingertips.And just as the Internet makes it easier for legitmate pursuits, it also makes it easier for scammers, con artists, and other online miscreants to carry out their virtual crimes- - impacting our real life finances, security, and peace of mind.Online scams are constantly evolving, but here are the most common ones today.