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The PISA report also revealed that 90 percent of German students had a strong sense of belonging and feeling liked by other students.

However, there is an emphasis on academic subjects in most German schools, with creative and more active subjects set outside the main curriculum.

Most students also have to decide whether to follow an academic or non-academic route at the end of primary school, at around age 10, which creates a divided German education system.

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6 comments If you're moving to German, it is important to be aware of the different school types in Germany in which you can enrol your child.

There is a range of German schools that need to be considered, particularly once a student enters secondary school where there are some five different school types and such choices dictate their higher education opportunities.

Trying to size up the education system in Germany is one of the hardest things facing those embarking on a foreign posting in Germany.

We set out what you should know about German schools and education in Germany.

German education standards Germany rates relatively well in regards to education levels, more so in mathematics and science.