Do your clocks/watches work outside of North America All of our clocks and watches have a normal quartz timekeeping movement.

problem with atomic clock updating-80

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We do not recommend taking sync-time watches anywhere else for service or battery replacement. The government owns and operates an "Atomic Clock" that is located in Boulder, Colorado.

This Atomic Clock keeps time which neither gains or loses a second in 30 million years.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology then sends this time to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Paris, France.

The Bureau receives time scales from other major nations, averages those scales, and distributes the average as the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

It is this international time scale which NIST distributes via radio stations (including WWVB) and your clock or watch is programmed to interpret.As long as your clock can receive the radio signal, it will update its time to match exactly with UTC and adjusted for your time zone. The signal is weaker on the east and west coast, so it may take longer for the clock to pick it up in those locations.(Information from NIST - visit gov for more info)Will I be able to pick up the time signal where I live? The signal will penetrate almost all buildings, except for commercial steel buildings with few windows.If you ever experience difficulty in receiving a signal, try putting your clock near a window. Each case varies depending on the strength of the signal at the time you set up your clock, the sensitivity of the receiver of the clock or watch you have, and your location.In most cases people are able to pick up the signal within a day (usually during the first night). We recommend putting the clock in a window facing towards Colorado and leaving it overnight for a few nights, this usually always works.Will I be able to return the clock if I can't pick up the signal? Also, try rotating the clock 90 degrees and keeping it away from electronics like computers which can interfere with signal reception.