You'll need to re-equip your jailbreak/downgrade device for this one. You may downgrade your PS3 to a brick if you're not careful.Several reports indicate success (mostly Fat models); others have reported bricks (more Slim models; 3.50/3.55 out-the-box).

Since then we quickly became one of the leading sellers of storage buildings in Eastern North Carolina.

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Backed by mathieulh's advice, solidpsycho does a solid for all those wanting to return to firmware 3.41; I'm sure you have your reasons...

Met enige trots presenteren wij u onze zeer uitgebreide menukaart.

We zijn niet alleen fier op het stukje Merksem waar we ons momenteel bevinden, maar ook op onze zaak die we na een lange zoektocht en hard werken hebben geopend.

Geef u over aan de uitstekende zorgen van ons team om hier een heerlijke tijd te beleven.

The Artie Awards are an annual ceremony honoring Buffalo's actors, designers and directors.

The annual event is also a fundraising benefit, with all proceeds from the evening (along with proceeds from area theatres' sale of Red Ribbons) going to ECMC's Immunodeficiency Services.