Rami has shown to handle most challenges very well never sending an unfinished garment down the runway.Rami speaks with perfect enunciation, and has a calm demeanor, but can also join in the fun when it comes to it.

Rami usually dresses very simple usually an pair of pants and a shirt depending on the situation. Rami has a very muscular build, big muscular arms, chest and legs, not to mention his perfect sized round, firm butt.

Rami always wears tight clothing that hug his muscles very nicely. However don't let this exterior fool you he's not all muscles, Rami has both brains and looks.

Michael Kors described him as cerebral during one of their evaluations.

Rami Kashou was picked as a Project Runway All-Star and asked to return to showcase his amazing talent along with a couple of other designers.

Rami began the show with a bang, winning the first challenge once again.

Rami Kashou, one of the hottest designer to be part on Project Runway.

some would describe him as the eye candy of Project Runway.

Rami Kashou was one of the 15 designer on season four of Project Runway.

Rami Kashou demonsrtate his skills by winning the first challenge right of bat, establishing himself as a formidable opponent.

He continue throughtout the competition, winning four challenges, and earned himself a place as one of the three finalists and the opportunity to show at his collection at New York Fashion Week.

Rami Kashou finished as 1st runner-up to his fellow competitor, Christian Siriano.