Whats App consumers 2.3 times the data of Kakao Talk, while Hangounts and Tango consume around twice the data each minute.Over the course of an hour’s worth of calls, the difference between Skype and Kakao Talk works out to around 33.4MB, which might be a point worth considering if you’re on a more limited data plan and like to talk.

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These three totals were then averaged together to produce the result.

Both sides spoke for 30 seconds each during the one minute call, to simulate a two way conversation.

All of the test runs were conducted over a 4G network on both ends, with both phones running the latest versions of each app from the Play Store and the same Android operating system version, just to be extra safe.

We can instantly spot a huge difference between the leanest and the heaviest data consuming applications.

Interestingly, many of the most well-known apps, such as Hangouts, Skype and Whats App, consume by far the most data, while Kakao Talk, Nimbuzz and Line all consume comparatively smaller amounts of data.

Facebook Messenger also makes a bit of a surprise appearance as one of the most data efficient ways of placing a voice call.

Perhaps a little worryingly for Skype users, the app consumes over 2.7 times the amount of data per minute than the most economical apps.

Free voice call apps, which use data to place calls, can offer a cheaper way to keep in contact with friends abroad and come to the rescue when you’ve used up your monthly minute quota.

However, with multi-gigabyte data plans still often coming at a premium price, the busiest chatters out there could soon eat into their monthly allowance using voice over data calls.

To shed some light on the issue, we’ve gone back over our list of 10 free call apps to investigate just how much data these apps end up consuming.

In the list you’ll find popular apps such as Hangouts, Skype, What App and Viber, as well as regional favourites including Line and Nimbuzz.