Miss Mills is now fighting to have the full transcripts of the hearing made public.

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Mrs Shackleton, 51, emerged from the High Court with wet hair.

“Mrs Shackleton said something under her breath, so I cleansed and baptised her.

I thought she looked fantastic - I thought it did her the world of good,” Miss Mills said, adding cattily: “And now I’ve been offered lots of jobs for creating re-looks for women of her age with those kind of hair-dos.

So I have no regrets.” If Sir Paul had hoped that the divorce settlement would spell the end of hostilities between the couple, he is likely to be disappointed.

Heather Mills has launched a fresh offensive against former husband Sir Paul Mc Cartney, mocking his love life and boasting of the moment she doused his lawyer with water during the couple’s acrimonious divorce battle.

In a swipe at her ex-husband’s romantic interests, Miss Mills told GMTV: “I think he’s got three different girlfriends, so I wish all the girls the best of luck.Well, better them than me.” The 40-year-old charity campaigner was awarded a £24.3 million settlement last month after four years of marriage.The hearing ended in high drama when Miss Mills poured a jug of water over the head of Fiona Shackleton, Sir Paul’s lawyer.And when you read the transcripts - they’re completely the opposite.So we’ll get there in the end and the truth always outs in the end,” she said. I want my daughter to know that none of those things are true.” Miss Mills represented herself at the hearing and described it as a “David versus Goliath situation - when you’re fighting the Establishment”.It emerged from Mr Justice Bennett’s ruling that the former topless model had sought £125 million from her ex-husband, but ended up with just a fifth of that figure.