And now I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs and Please become one of my followers. That awkward moment when you almost spit up hot chocolate because somebody told a joke and you cant swallow easily. That awkward moment when your camp leader passes on a 'kiss goodnight'.

The awkward moment when you accidentally send a text to the wrong person, and then you have to explain.

That awkward moment when an 8 year old gets his cousins to tell you he thinks your hot That awkward moment when your favorite coach gets fired for stalking a councilor That awkward moment when your dad says "Sexy and I know it is his new jam"That awkward money when you are yelling at someone and you mess up your words That awkward moment when you realize you still have the tags in your shirt in class That awkward moment when your math teacher switches classes and now teaches special Ed cause your class was being mean to him.

:)The Awkward moment when people start staring at you, so you play with your phone to avoid eye contact. LOL)-The Awkward moment when your Ex wants to get back together, but your already with someone else.

This page was originally published on on 19 April 2011. ",the both of you say out loud,"WE'RE JUST FRIENDS! That awkward moment when somebody says "Hi" and you give back a cheerful "Hi" back to them only to realize that they were saying it to the person behind you... That awkward moment when you tell your friends and your boyfriend you can walk across the street backwards without looking but stepped in a pot hole and ended up on your back staring up at them laughing at you:/The awkward moment when you tell a joke that's not funny.

Text paragraphs from this commercialised page cannot be copied due to copyright infringement laws. The awkward moment when you realize that you're wearing your shirt backwards.

Hubpages writer Stricktly Dating retains copyright. The awkward moment when you make fun of a teacher, and he/she's standing right behind you.

That awkward moment after playing a camp game, you turn around and find out your camp leader gently spanks you like football players do.

A huge page of "That Awkward Moment When" quotes, statuses, and memes. That awkward moment somebody tells you happy birthday and you tell them Happy birthday right back, but it wasn't their birthday.

Funny awkward moment quotes and awkward moment Facebook status updates. Yes, I have personally experienced all of these moments myself.

Silly awkward moment quotes about embarrassing and truly awkward situations! They are all really good ones but when i walked into my sisters room in my underware with the boy she likes and his friends in there that gets really akward.

Read through the hundreds of comments left by readers who have added their own awkward moments to thispage, tap any image to share it, or add your own awkward moment to the page. what makes it worse is that he ends up asking me out instead of her!!!!! The awkward moment when you start having feelings for your best girl/guy friend,try to hide them,and when another friend says "you two should go out! That awkward moment when you start telling a story and after about 10 seconds in, you realize it's not really the funny story you thought it was in your head, so you embellish slightly to try to make it the end, you are usually the only person that is laughing at your own lame-ass story That awkward moment when you look at your phone text history after a night of drinking, realize you texted your crush sounding like a TOTAL 13 year old girl for hours without him replying, and then the only person you end up seeing that day is your crush and neither of you mentions anything. And they are trying not to laugh so that you don't get embarassed.