While we make this service available for free, we do partially hide the email address in the results we provide, allowing the searcher to email the address using a contact form. This is done in an effort to protect the privacy of the email address’ owner, while providing them with a way to be contacted by someone looking for them.

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There are two ways in which someone can find email address information using this site.

The first is commonly referred to as a "forward email search".

This type of search is when someone uses a name with the hope of returning an email address.

Address is one of the only sites to offer a forward search free of charge.

With this, one can use an email address to find out the owners name and sometimes other identifiable information about them.

This search can be used to validate the identity of a sender or ensure you have the correct email address before sending out an email.

Our reverse email search provides searchers with the first name and last initial of the person we have found associated with an email address.

When available, we will also provide the general location of the person emailing as well as other information we have found.

For more information on reverse searches and the information that is available using our service click here.

There are millions of email addresses being used on the internet today. An email address can be created from any registered domain name (of which there are billions).

Since there isn't a single service responsible for creating all email addresses, there will likely never be a central email directory providing access to all of them.