The vet will give the animal a small injection and within virtually sixty seconds or less the animal passes.It is not a painful experience for the dog in any way.

Generally speaking, this is a very common procedure.

It can also be referred to as putting your dog to sleep.

This can be done through your veterinarian and in some cases, if the pet already has some form of pet insurance it can be mostly covered.

Having a pet of any kind for several years can grow on a family.

They can become your best friend, a member of the family to always rely on and one that always makes you smile.

When the time comes that the dog gets older or even develops an illness of any kind, it may be the appropriate time to begin discussing when to euthanize your dog.

Making this decision is a complex one, one that should be further evaluated by you, your family, and your vet.

There are several things to consider when coming to a conclusion as serious as this one.

The physical demands required for the dog to live a full lifestyle can become challenging as they age.