But if you still insist, the 10,023ft Haleakala Mountain in the southeastern part of Maui Island is your spot.

The 28-37 million-year-old fossil deposits make this one of the most treasured archeological sites in America.

Although if fossils aren’t your thing, perhaps unusual rock formations and sprawling prairies full of bison and bighorn sheep are, 'cause the Badlands has those too.

If “climbing an active volcano” is at the top of your bucket list, well, it probably shouldn't be -- since, ya know, it involves climbing an ACTIVE VOLCANO.

And while the historic “Bathhouse Row” -- where you can bathe in the healing natural waters of the hot springs -- might make for a rejuvenating weekend getaway, you gotta admit it still smells kinda like Bart Simpson pulled a prank in the middle of the street. Is anyone surprised that a national park with the same name as a river that once caught fire includes an old Superfund site?

And we’re not talking about the former location of the Richfield Coliseum, which housed the perpetually toxic Cleveland Cavaliers, although it's actually in the park too. But why focus on 47 acres of toxic waste, when the CVNP boasts 33,000-acres (!!

) of gorgeous waterfalls, caves, biking/horse trails, and historic sections of the Ohio and Erie canal.The only National Park so awesome Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about it (that’s what that song is about, right?For many of us living in big cities, the sad truth is that the only time we remember there are parts of this great nation not covered in condos and fast-casual restaurants is when we're Instagramming them from 36,000 feet.Which is also when we think to ourselves, “Wow, I wish there was a way I could see all that beauty up close and without a plane wing in my way.” Well, turns out, there is! And as a reminder of the scope of America's awe-inspiring natural beauty (and its 59-strong park system created by the coolest dude ever from New York), we thought it'd be fun to take the 20 most-visited national parks in 2014, add some glorious photography, and rank them in order of how much you'll be blown away when you get there.The top tourist attraction in The Natural State (fitting nickname, right?) is the 15th-most-visited national park in the country, hosting nearly a million-and-a-half visitors every year.