John holding her violin across her chest, ruffled feathers in classical-music circles.It also sold more than 30,000 copies - this is no mean feat considering that classical superstar Yo-Yo Ma's CD, Inspired by Bach, has sold just 14,500 copies since its release. John certainly isn't the only young classical performer trying to attract audiences of her own generation.

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Named for Japanese violin teacher, Shinichi Suzuki, the technique taught children music based on the premise that kids could learn to play Bach before learning any notes, just as they speak fluently before they can read.

Sharie bought each toddler a miniature violin and stood back as her kids' exercises turned into a full-fledged affair with the fiddle.

Both children developed skill and talent quickly and in the early days, they often performed together, touring internationally and cleaning up at music competitions.

John is going to follow that erergy wherever it takes her.

Violins are called fiddles in rural Ontario where St. By the time Lara was born in London, Ont., 16 months after her brother, Scott, the sounds of country fiddling shared the family's turntable with Elvis and the Beatles. Instead of music, he taught high school French and Spanish and coached basketball, while Sharie was a stay-at-home mom.

It doesn't sound like a home that would produce two toddlers who played clasical violin with perfect pitch and outstanding technique.

But Sharie had heard about the Suzuki Method for teaching tots violin at Scott's Montessori school.

As the London, Ont., native told writer Shawna Steinberg, "the energy for music and the energy for sex come from the same place" The producers sitting in the recording studio were happy with the first take. With a facsimile of the original score written in Bach's own hand, lights dimmed, St. "My assistant and I were in the booth and he began sobbing," says Kathy Geisler, producer and director of Well-Tempered Productions. Nothing was held back." That last take was the one that made it onto St. She's also been criticized for having too much personality, for being difficult, stubborn and, well, too willing to use her sexuality as a sales tool.

And she's a canny businesswoman who uses her looks to sell CDs. John is a violin virtuoso whose passion is only eclipsed by her style. John wanted to try Bach's "Chaconne" one more time, they didn't see the point. John insisted and, characteristically, got her way. John has been praised for her energy and invention.