When I told him I did not want him contacting me anymore he got very ugly & profane.

However, even this month, 3 times I've checked and it had been renewed by them.

Once before I assumed because I'd checked it and even (yet again) cancelled, they still took the money, and I had to contact Pay Pal, to get a refund.

They refunded me right away, which makes me think they are used to this complaint.

I signed up for their "Free 30 day trial." However, they charged my credit card and renewed my subscription for 90 days.

During my free trial I was contacted by someone with a completely fake profile.

Name was fake, Ph D was fake, likely the photos were as well.

This guy had 4 cell phones, and when I inquired about them he just got nasty.

They claim that I used the email feature but haven't used that particular feature for more than 4 months. On top of not finding someone, like they guarantee, they make it difficult to cancel also.

Don't waste your time or your hard earn money, because they don't deserve it!!!

I've been with Match off and on for a few years now, but I will be leaving as soon as my latest subscription ends.

Each time I've renewed my subscription, I always remember to cancel automatic renewal, and now (after being caught out before), I keep their confirmation email.