Swedish men can be particularly confusing because of the cultural and linguistic differences. @Frederik – ah bless if you want a superpower you have one. Englsih men well we know they drink all the time haha :-) I think it’s got more to do with them being pissheads,but thats just my view. : P @ Emilie – yes hun,i often say to girls “fancy a quick Smörgåsbord”. I dont’ often ask a girl out on a first date, i prefer to pick and choose.I certainly wouldn’t rule out dating swedish men because they are lovely people too! Spontaneous is a word I have not thought of but is a great way to describe the dating scene. Thanks Sapphire, the thing is he is half Swedish, half English and grew up here! He asked me out once but I couldn’t go as I was away. Being an English woman I just thought he would ask again if he liked me but am I wrong in that if his Swedish part is at the fore lol. @Emilie – I would ask him out since you missed out on the first time. I don’t know much about English men, but I presume as any man, they are full of silliness. @ Frederik – 8 months talking everyday and still at “the look” stage!!! Least you Swedes look properly at the ladies not like the silly British guys… About the so called “look” taking 8 months to happen I’ll attribute that to us never having seen each other IRL. @Princess Maybe I should put in some freaky contacts and scare the f out of her. ;) I think MANY men need a little “dutch courage” as we call needing a drink before getting brave,before making a move on a girl. What is the best place in Stockholm to find a Swedish guy? Try hittin’ a few bars/pub’s and you will eventually come across one.So I have the problem of working out what is the Swedish part and what is the English part lol. Helps us deal with the rejection.the total shock if she responds well! Avoid the clubs, clubs are terrible places for hooking up. I am quite bad at giving compliments, but I’m trying to get better. (I can only answer for myself, not the whole swedish male populus) I find falling in love quite difficult, especially since i dont’ believe in love at first sight, or the first sights.

Before we start on our new questions about swedish dating, here’s a summary of what we know about swedish men and women. I would love to hear what genres you are interested in. @Dano yeah come back Dano all is forgiven, I want to know what your superpowers are… It is no picnic, but I suppose is it is my my forte. S…..since I broke up with my bf here when I decided to move, I will be taking the dating thing slowly (maybe) BUT I am looking forward to a different type of male mindset.

Swedish men: Are very good listeners Are quiet and shy Help doing house work Cook dinner, breakfast or a little smörgås Give the look Are respectful Like foreign girls (who doesn’t like anything exotic? @Princess – It’s got nothing to do with respectlesness, or a buffet table. Hey, we need to get in touch LOL I think we have a lot in common. Even though dating everywhere is a game, at least this is a different game that should be fun to play!

) Swedish women: Want romance too Love confident men Are beautiful Like foreign men Are sensitive at heart And now the A-Z of questions we still discuss and ponder about. You got a bigger chance of meeting the right one in 6 billion than in 9 million, and there’s a lot more to look for in the former. I can definitely appreciate the beauty of Nordic men and sometimes it is refreshing for a man to be reserved.

A big thanks to all the readers who continuously comment and share their love stories. I plan on testing out these theories on Swedish men :) I will say that I hope that the comment about monogamy is not true. @ princess- that’s a genuine splitting is not in my decision,it has to be her’s.about making a women you like feel happy,comfortable and special and like a ‘princess’: P lol.the rest is not in your hands..i hope you get my observation that most swedish women are in need of some sweet,bold and romantic partners (we’re talking about swedish dating culture here) @ ben- swedish women are known to be very beautiful which makes it obvious that they have more options to choose from and hence high chances of leaving.is what i meant.chill out bro.didn’t say anything wrong..they’re just kidding around with you : P If I like you (i’m a girl), can I text/call you first?

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I met a girl from the US online about 8 months ago and we’ve talked every day since. calling at first is kinda weird and makes them uncomfortable for both men and women Gawd! Can’t spend my days on here upsetting people and making girls laugh! : P Dano – Yeah I think that’s what got me so confused ;) “Buffet”, never heard of that word : P -How the hell do you ask out a swede?? …You start talking to him, first sparsely to not scare him away.

She’s coming to Stockholm to see me for a few days in July. — I would appreciate a girl who did pretty much what a guy would do, I would recognize the approach as my own and be intrigued. However, I am sending some positive vibes your way! : P How come everyone wants to know my superpowers.refuse to undress and lie down when i want to show them? If he’s interested in you he’ll start talking to you.

I’ve got to try this “look” superpower I’m suppose to have! @Ben I live a 10 minute walk away from T-Centralen, I don’t wear hats, I have some hoodies (but I doubt they’re of the style you’re referring to) and I pretty much only wear jeans (unless I’m actually at the gym). It’s not like she hasn’t seen what I look like a thousand times before. Ask blatant as well as subtly sexual questions and get him interested in you. I hope your synopsis/samples gets a great response. Swedes have a very strong feeling of independence so you’ll need to show yourself interesting for him to pay notice :) @ Dano I bet you say that to all the girls… Would you say that Swedish men often have an alcohol problem?

A girl who’s forward is more fascinating than someone you have to pick questions out of. Cheers :) -Ben – Is it true that they hate monogamy? –See what I wrote about “naturals”, these guys often have problems with being exclusive, but, they’re in a minority. –The player culture does exist, though mostly among “naturals”(men who have a natural way with women) -Can you summarize Swedish dating culture in one/two words? -If I like you (i’m a girl), can I text/call you first? Ask Dano how they are working for him.j/k Dano…wait, you will way you have superpowers! @ Princess no no not a cow at all, I need telling straight most likely lol @Deepsoul hi! I mean, if they depend on it to be able to chat to a woman.

–I feel as a start texting’s better and if I like you I’d love to hear your voice :) @Fredrik – Try to avoid any red pants when you first meet the girl. Carry on :) @Dano – Well excuse me for being a bit dullwitted, and upping one’s selfconfidence is never a bad thing x D That’s just one scenario though, having a nice conversation with a woman is pleasant as well :) And it doesn’t have to lead to anything directly, often you become friends and THEN after that you start dating. Swedes love to explore other cultures, so show him yours. @ Fredrik – This is where you’ll fail with International women. Because if your “look” works,then a lot of other things are going to be expected. :-D Well not only is the guy half-Swedish he grew up here! if that day ever happens, I think it will be the end of times hehe. thanks for asking, nothing much different here lol, I message now and again with light-hearted banter and he doesn’t reply. The great news is I finally sent sample chapters of my novel to a publisher :-D very pleased with me! but they can also be really odd and funny, and loyal… Also would you say they can be quite childlike if they like you?

The Look involves batting your eyes and looking down up at her and down again and smiling a little. Forget the look,she’s American,they’re all sluts…ask any Arab/ Indian male! :) @Emilie – Appeal to his English side.him fish & chips then ask if he fancies a shag behind the bus shelter! @Emilie – Heck no, I keep forgetting this isn’t the swedish dating scene but the international dating scene. ;) Oh,and neither you nor I are American.please call me “arse” or “arsle”.. :) Apparently, us American girls are “sluts” as Dano so lovingly put it so maybe I won’t have any trouble in this department : P, but my questions to the Swedish Men is: Is there a lot of Interracial Dating in Sweden? So I would guess he knows what an English woman expects by now! @EJM I suspect Dano was being slightly umm how shall i put it , like a devil’s advocate as he did say that is what an Arab/ Indian would assume of the American dating culture (possibly because their cultures are very different! :-) @EJM – Oh, I wouldn’t mind one myself;) Hmm, what i’ve seen is there are interracial relationships, but I rarely see them so I’m not sure whether it’s a lack of black girls or whether Swedish guys like white girls better, there’s nothing wrong with dating an african-american girl in Sweden if that’s what you mean. Stiff upper lip you Bit about the football – hey we did better than the Swedish! We have already talked about my American culture ^^ How are you doing? @Princess…snap LOL You put people in their places : D Loving it! Now I am awaiting the rejection slip lol but then I shall try another! I leave you guys alone for one day and I already have 10 comments! Oh I know, Dano wasn’t serious : P I was just joking! I must say they are pretty shy and little boring : P the so called ‘awkward silence’ between the conversations doesn’t seem to be awkward for them,they just don’t try to break it no matter what : P but i found them intelligent, open minded and artistic :) i kinda feel bad for them because,they do love to be treated like a WOMAN, but the gender equality crap seems to be screwing their heads : P (all you swedish men:learn to be little sweet,bold and romantic, i just don’t like it when women aren’t treated sweetly : P lol) this is what a young swedish girl thinks about swedish guys: they are often (definitly not all of them! most of them are realex and doesnt care about what other people think. I found this anyway and have heard it mentioned elsewhere too.

@Emilie – I think dating any man has its ups and downs. @ Ben – so basically what you’re saying covertly is that you prefer a woman to beat you about the head with a bat and scream “GREEN LIGHT! ;) @ Sapphire – Is that ^^^ what ya mean by “full of silliness”? Would a petite African-American girl have any trouble nabbing a Swede (I’ll be living there in about 2 years) hahaha! He also removed me of his friend’s list don’t forget in a childish strop lol so I feel like he can ask me out again if he wants to. @Emilie – hate to sound a cow (but am quite good at that) but please stop with this half Swede/Eng bloke thing now – he’s a douche – you ARE better – so move on lady. @Ben…Welcome to the threads :) @Emilie…I remember you talking about him. Okay, will someone please go over to the post about The Look and post their 2 cents plus tip? (Covered Fredrik) @Emilie – I think I missed it, what are you writing about? Maybe there isn’t a lot of African-Americans in Sweden. It’s nice to hear that there are some men in Sweden who don’t mind dating out of their race. warning: if your dating a swedish girl just be ready get dumped anytime ( sure one of the girls is going to leave her boyfriend for me : P and i have been talking only since about a month) Darklight – “if you’re dating a swedish girl just be ready get dumped any time (sure one of the girls is going to leave her boyfriend for me : P and i have been talking only since about a month)” Had that happen twice, but those were foreign girls : D I take a liking to foreign women, they’re often more exciting than swedish women and are less insecure. Thanks :-) @Fredrik thanks, its just that I heard a Swedish male needs a good watering before he can really open uo and chat to a woman lol i don’t think it is the case for all men, for example an Italian may well pinch your bum in the street or an American may chat you up at the fast food outlet! If you are interested in me and would like to ask me out, just do it.