Being vegan refers to not eating meat, dairy, or any other animal products.

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Thus, a lot of s Xe'ers are politically active in some form or another.

Casual sex is generally not accepted because s Xe'ers do not want to pollute their bodies, and it's pretty evident that people who in this day and age choose to have casual sex are asking to get an sexually transmitted disease that is possibly death inducing.

Straight Edger's exclude all forms of drugs from their lives, including alcohol, cigarettes,illegal drugs and often other drugs such as aspirin. Many s Xe'ers become active in trying to save the environment, or fighting for animal rights.

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(writen in 1995 by me, Daniel Zander) Put very simply, Straight Edge (s Xe) is a youth movement closely aligned with the hardcore/punk music scene, but with a fundamental difference.

s Xe is generally refers to a person who doesn't use illicit drugs, smoke or drink.A hardliner, will also include being a vegetarian or a vegan.I will post a few interesting energy stocks which I'm trading. What do you recommend now with regards to your "5 Energy Stock Trades".These are not all in trades, but if you buy just 500 or 1000 shares you can make easily 1000-2000 $ in 2-3 weeks. Do you believe that it is still a good time to buy again some of your recommended stocks? For someone like me that is totally new to trading, the information you put is like a gold !!! I wish I could have participated to any seminar that you may have.If oil is making higher high - I think it will make - then these stocks can also skyrocket. All my energy positions you recommended are closed now (the majority in plus).