I’ve heard women say that they don’t mind, as long as their man is not a head taller or head shorter than them.This is reasonable, because a couple with a foot of height distance between them do look awkward kissing.Women don’t mind, as long as they aren’t a head taller or a head shorter.

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Taller Women Dating Short Men Let’s discuss a topic we’ve never remotely touched on before: tall women dating shorter men.While I wouldn’t say it’s a social stigma for a woman to be taller than the man she dates or marries, when the two of them go out, there’s a good chance this couple is going to get a few stares.But when the average height for a man is 5’9.2″ and the average height for a woman is 5’3.8″, seeing a tall woman with a short man is just rare enough to elicit reactions from the more aware or the less well-mannered people you see on the street. Some sound reasonable, but don’t stand up to analysis. Bending Over to Kiss Makes Their Back Hurt – This is a complete nonsense excuse.Reason Tall Women Don’t Date Shorter Men There are a number of reasons women give for not dating shorter men. You never hear a tall man complain that kissing his much shorter girlfriend makes his back hurt.I refuse to believe that woman are so frail that slightly stooping to kiss their man is going to hurt their back.She might be uncomfortable doing this, but it’s probably no less comfortable than a woman standing on her tip toes to kiss her beau.