Only by making your boyfriend miss you can you actually create a need to have you as his girlfriend again.

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So you ask him flat out where things are going, and your former boyfriend tells you: “I still love you…

Meaning that he’s going to do what HE wants to do, and not just take you back for the sake of making you happy. He’s hanging onto your past relationship because he still feels emotionally connected.

He’s probably torn; part of him wants a fresh start with someone else, but a bigger part of him wants to see if the two of you can actually work out.

The problem however, is that his actions are selfish. He’s using the “I’m still in love with you” line as a way to keep you bound to him.

By telling you he loves you, he’s basically “locking you up” for now. Your former boyfriend isn’t going to alter the situation, because there’s no incentive for him to change anything. His feelings for you are genuine, even if he hasn’t recommitted to a relationship yet. It’s a tool he whips out whenever he feels you pulling away…

He’s making sure you don’t go anywhere, while at the same time he’s free to do what he wants (and with who he wants). He has you; your companionship, your contact, your love and even your intimacy. At this point, the title of boyfriend/girlfriend only serves to weigh him down. whenever he feels like you might be getting fed up with his indecision, or tired of waiting.On top of that you might even be sleeping with him, which is like giving your ex , but without the responsibilities of actually having to answer to you as a girlfriend. This is where he pours on the charm, and says all those things he knows you want to hear. Again, the situation won’t change until YOU do something about it. You’ll need to be proactive, rather than reactive, about the whole post-breakup situation. You do this by pulling away – as much as it might hurt right now. No matter what your ex says to you, his ultimate goal is his best interests. At the same time, you can’t take everything he’s saying at face value. All signs point to a reconciliation, and you’re eagerly awaiting those awesome few words: “Will you be my girlfriend? Or he may string you along with “It’s too soon” or “Just give me some time.” In all of those cases, he’s still with you. Still sleeps with you, and the sex is even better than before because now there’s a nasty, forbidden element to it. First of all, if you’re trying to fix your breakup it’s always good thing that he’s still seeing you. Your ex might give you the “I’m still working on myself” line. As if pressing him for an answer might push him away for good, and you’ll lose him forever. maybe stringing you along for as long as possible just so he can get a few extra weeks of post-breakup relationship (and post-breakup sex) with you?